Client Testimonials

Mr F had a very physical job and presented with lower back pain for which he had had six months off of work.

“I found the whole experience very relaxing. I have had pains in my lower back for a year. I have seen a physiotherapist and chiropractor and nothing helped. A friend told me to try Bowen and I came thinking I would give it a go. I did find the coming and going out of the room a bit strange but then I realised I was more relaxed than when I have other treatments, like massage  A few weeks after the treatments, I felt no pain in my lower back and shoulders. I think the Bowen has worked. I would definitely refer you to others and will come back when I have any other problems”. Mr BF

Ms F owns a catering business and had been suffering from work related repetitive strain in her neck, back and shoulder.

“After the first treatment, I wasn’t too sure whether anything had really happened. Then I had the strong reaction after the second treatment and that seemed to me to be evidence that such light touch must be doing something.

After the third treatment I felt much better. I had hardly any pain in my back and my shoulder and arm have been really good.

I think people might not come back after one treatment because they won’t necessarily feel the immediate benefits. Maybe when you (me) are practicing, you should charge for three treatments so that people follow it through, otherwise they would never get to see that it actually works”.

I would definitely recommend it. Ms AF

Mrs P presented with Plantar fasciitis and restricted movement in her shoulder and elbow following injuries when she was a child.

I have had three treatments of Bowen therapy with Clare Kidd, initially for Plantar fasciitis. I found the treatments very relaxing and aided sleep. There was a lot of warmth in my foot during the first two treatments but by the third there was no warmth. The pain was improving after the first session. During the treatments I became more aware of my body and found I was getting relief from long term stiffness in my neck and shoulder pain.  Mrs CP

 Ms R suffers from severe migraines and has an encapsulated cyst along her spine.

“Overall I found the experience very positive. My head feels better than it has in months, possibly years. I am not pain free but I have a chronic condition and I have become more aware of my body through Bowen. I have slept like a log, which is highly unusual. It is a comfortable therapy which I find very relaxing. I think I will need maintenance treatments so that I continue to improve and sleep well”. Ms LR

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