About Clare Kidd, Torquay Bowen Therapist

Torquay Bowen Therapy

Clare Kidd, like many people who train in this technique, came to Bowen therapy through having a long-term physical problem of her own which was not remedied in the long term by other forms of therapeutic intervention.

Clare originally trained as a Social Worker and after many years working in Child Protection, therapeutic work with children and, latterly, the field of fostering, she retired from that profession. She trained in Holistic Massage therapy but due to her own back problems, she found this very physically challenging.

Clare has never ceased to be amazed by the positive effects Bowen has on those she has treated. She has personally found that many people (including herself when she first experienced Bowen) leave the first treatment very relaxed but also quite perplexed at how such gentle subtle moves could do anything to alleviate their condition.

It is often after the second treatment that clients begin to notice some significant improvement and after the third treatment, many clients see a vast improvement.

In some more chronic cases it is clear that a ‘top up’ treatment is required periodically.